Intelltech is the cost-effective solution for electronic equipment repair

Let Intelltech help you. Our extended services are intended to limit the dead times of industrial productivity by offering service and repairs to a wide variety of electronic circuit boards, AC drivers, DC drivers, servo motors, PCBs, PLCs, power supplies, control units. , and more. If the equipment has an electronic component, we have the capabilities, experience and knowledge needed to repair it. Our highly skilled technicians use input simulations and software-generated schemes, allowing us to troubleshoot and test complex component defects. We are continually improving our services and technical knowledge with the latest technologies and software available. Our team of experts can provide details on the problem found, the solution, and the probable cause of the failure. Let our experienced technicians work for you!


Most electrical failures are due to dust, corrosion, water, overheating and damage. We understand the need to operate the machines at 100% of capacity, but it is essential that your equipment has a longer service life and for this must be ensured the proper maintenance of all components, especially the basic components. Our solutions are Maintenance Services for Prevention, intended for businesses and industrial premises or residential equipment and those that are rented to customers. Our services will help prevent and limit or even eliminate downtime. Don't wait until it's too late!

Spare parts for a variety of equipment!

We can offer you original or equivalent replacement components for a wide variety of manufacturers such as IGBTs, power transistors, integrated circuits, logic modules, driver modules, etc. through our network of partners we can procure a large part of the components or subassemblies needed for repair. We try to buy or offer alternative solutions for equipment that is no longer in production.

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